Woodworm treatment.

Do I have to move out when your men are spraying the property for woodworm?

Years ago the industry used high solvent based high odour chemicals that resulted in the areas being treated having to be vacated for 48 hours.

We use water based low odour micro-emulsions that result in the room being reoccupied after only 1 hour.? All our chemicals are fit for purpose and are accredited by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

I have holes in the timbers in my loft.

?Whilst putting things into the loft I have found holes to some of the roof timbers, is it woodworm and how can you tell if they are active ??

How long have you owned the property? When you bought it did you have any guarantees or evidence of past treatments to this area? The timbers really need to be surveyed. It possibly could be a wood boring insect though it may be historic and not active. You can be assured that we will never recommend any treatment that is unnecessary.