Can I live in my property while treatment is being carried out?

Generally yes, although this depends on the nature of the work involved. With any type of construction work it involves a degree of disruption and mess. We aim for as minimum disruption as possible and will consult prior to any work commencing and issue advise.

How much does a damp proof course cost?

This is one of the most common questions asked. This all depends on the amount of treatment required and what treatments are to be carried out.
Guidelines can be given though these should not be taken literally, we have heard of certain companies giving prices of damp proof course injections over the telephone, though we would air any client on the side of caution in accepting any type of offer as it may not need that type of treatment. Did you know that it is reported that 75% of damp proof course injections did not need doing. Therefore it is why a specialist survey is necessary to discover any issues and a report and estimate is provided. With regard to a survey fee please contact our office as most are free though there is a charge for some.

Can you tell me over the phone how much the work is likely to cost?

Unfortunately not, as all properties and their problems can be different so an individual survey of your property would be needed to establish the full extent of any problem and in order to recommend any treatments.