How long does a survey take?

Most surveys take around 30 ? 40 minutes but this can depend on several factors such as the type of survey, where the survey is to be conducted (room or entire house)

How do I arrange for Damp Nation to carry out a survey inspection?

Please contact us for more help.

Can you tell me over the phone how much the work is likely to cost?

Unfortunately not, as all properties and their problems can be different so an individual survey of your property would be needed to establish the full extent of any problem and in order to recommend any treatments.

What does a survey involve?

Our staff will try and gain as much information prior to any visit, when contacting us about any potential survey please consider any items that are important i.e. such as access, restrictions etc.? We carry out a myriad of surveys and use different apparatus for different surveys.? The length of the survey depends on the type of survey and the areas involved, typically a survey could take from 20 minutes to a few hours, so please allocate enough time for the survey.

Wherever possible every effort is made not to disturb the property and at this stage there should not be any undue mess. Fitted carpets will a floor timber survey, only being lifted if essential. Likewise in the case of timber floors it may be necessary to lift some floorboards in order to examine the sub-floor area. (though our surveyors do not carry any cutting tools and will only lift inspections boards already been lifted ? should there not be any inspection boards then a charge and another visit will be required)? Even if sections of floorboards are raised a full picture of any issues or extent may not be truly revealed until the commencement of the remedial work.? The surveyor will advise you if this is the case.

If we have a survey done, how long is the quote valid for and how long have I got before I have to have the work done.

Our quotes are valid for 2 months from the date of issue.

Should there not be any significant charges to the building then generally the surveys will last for at least 6 months. However, there is one exception in the case of a dry rot outbreak where any extended delay could result in further damage. The surveyor?s report would make clear the severity of the problem and the urgency of repair.

Though we must stress that any issues found within the survey if left could only increase the disruption of work required and cost if left for a period of time.

Do you charge for carrying out a survey?

This depends on the circumstances, i.e. if you are looking to buy the property, the nature of the problem, whether a written report is needed etc. We would normally charge on pre-purchase surveys and for wall tie inspections or timber surveys where we have to access sub-floor areas (not cellars) to inspect timbers. However, the survey fees are discounted should you accepted any of our recommendations.