Woodworm FAQ’s

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Woodworm treatment. Do I have to move out when your men are spraying the property for woodworm? Years ago the industry used high solvent based high odour chemicals that resulted in the areas being treated having to be vacated for 48 hours. We use water based low odour micro-emulsions that result in the room being reoccupied [...]

Aftercare FAQ’s

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What happens to my guarantee if I sell my home? The guarantee is on the treated areas of your property and can be transferred to the new owner of your property. You can contact our office for more details. Are your guarantees insurance backed? What happens if I want to make a claim and your business [...]

Our Warranty FAQ’s

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Is the work guaranteed? All damp related work carried out by Damp Nation will include a certificate to guarantee for the work carried out to be free of damp for a period no less than 30 years. An insurance backed guarantee is also available, though a charge is applicable.

General Works FAQ’s

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Can I live in my property while treatment is being carried out? Generally yes, although this depends on the nature of the work involved. With any type of construction work it involves a degree of disruption and mess. We aim for as minimum disruption as possible and will consult prior to any work commencing and issue [...]

Damp Survey FAQ’s

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How long does a survey take? Most surveys take around 30 ? 40 minutes but this can depend on several factors such as the type of survey, where the survey is to be conducted (room or entire house) How do I arrange for Damp Nation to carry out a survey inspection? Please contact us for more help. [...]

Damp Information FAQ’s

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Damp is damaging the wallpaper. ?Our house has a small damp problem that is discolouring the wallpaper. What are the risks of leaving it untreated in short-medium term?? The damp will continue to damage the wallpaper. Damp inside your property is unpleasant and can, in more serious cases, represent a possible health risk. You are best [...]

Cellar Conversion FAQ’s

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Our cellar is not very damp and has never flooded, so do I need expensive tanking systems? The guidelines from British Standards that we work to states that ground water pressure will come to bear during sometime of the life of the building. Also making changes in the cellar could disturb the equilibrium of the ground [...]